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How to Build Your Brand Using Toll Free 800 Numbers


If you want your business to be successful, there are a few different elements to keep in mind. While most people know that success starts with an awesome product or service, they often overlook their true marketing potential. Believe it or not, toll free numbers are perfect for building your brand.

Advertise Everywhere

The first benefit of having a toll free number is that you can advertise it absolutely anywhere. Not only can it be placed on your business cards, flyers, and storefront window, but it can also be placed in national (and even international) directories for incredible visibility. This means that people in Wisconsin who are searching for cupcakes you will ship from Maine won’t really worry about the number they’re calling; they’ll just see the toll-free prefix and figure that you are an established professional.


Speaking of an established professional, that’s exactly what you want to be in the eyes of your existing and potential customers. You don’t want to give them the impression that you are new to an industry and you definitely don’t want them to think that you’re working out of your basement, although either or both could be the case. What you want is for your callers to believe that you have plenty of experience and that you provide products and services to people just like them all the time. They need to believe that you have the expertise and knowledge it takes to give them what you want. Toll free numbers are great for implying this.

Don’t Overlook Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers can also be integrated into your branding strategy if you take the time to choose the right number. These will allow you to spell out a word or phrase that is related to your industry or niche, making it easier for people to remember off of the tops of their heads. These numbers can also be advertised nationally or internationally, and if you make it a point to associate it with a representative logo, which can be anything from a cupcake to a baker’s hat, this process of association will make your entire brand more memorable.

Add a Little Jingle

Vanity toll free numbers come with another hidden benefit: they can be incorporated into jingles about your business. You’ve heard them on TV and even on the radio, and even if you’re thinking that you don’t yet have the money to purchase such ads, this won’t always be the case. You can record your jingle to greet callers prior to answering your phone, and you can integrate into television or radio ads later. A little jingle for your phone number can add up to a lot of jingle in your pocket over time.

Building your brand and standing out from your competitors is important if you want to be successful, and you certainly have to start somewhere. Toll free numbers give you that extra edge that you need to make your brand professional, recognizable, memorable and completely unique.

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