A Virtual Phone System is the Perfect Solution for People on the Go

While there are some business owners out there who can manage things from a single location, that isn’t true for most of us. The truth is that most company owners are always on the go, whether they are meeting with their clients or spending time with their families. A virtual phone system is a great way to keep you in touch while you are away from the office or even while you are away from home as it comes with a feature known as call forwarding.

How it Works

With call forwarding, the idea is that the number you chose through your virtual phone system provider can be transferred to any other number you choose. This way, if you want to leave the office and go home for the night, a few mouse clicks is all it takes to send that number to your home phone. If you will be leaving for a conference or even on vacation, you can send that number to your cellphone. Even if you will be spending some time in a hotel room, you can often forward all of your calls right to your desk.

Always Available

Nothing is more frustrating to an existing or a potential customer than not being able to reach someone regarding a product or a service. When the phone rings and rings, people will often not wait until you are back at the phone; they will generally just contact the next business in the phone book that can provide them with what they want or need. As such, a virtual phone system is necessary if you want to keep your customers happy.

No More Voicemail

Though there are times when it might be perfectly acceptable to send your callers to voicemail – such as in the middle of the night – it is best avoided most of the time. The truth is that the majority of consumers have one of two major problems with their calls being answered by voicemail. The first is that it is incredibly impersonal and the second is that they are not sure that their calls will be returned promptly, if at all. With a virtual phone system, you can arrange it so that there is always someone available to answer, at least during business hours.

Increase Employee Mobility

There are all kinds of instances in which employees may also need to be mobile and these systems allow individuals to take their own personal extensions with them, too. For instance, if you are running a bakery and a client asks you to deliver 20 dozen donuts, the employee who is making that delivery is never out of touch with his or her clients – or you, for that matter. It makes things simpler and ensures that your company network remains intact at all times.

Anyone who is on the go, whether it is work or home related, can certainly enjoy all of the benefits that a virtual phone system and the call forwarding feature can provide. When your customers can always reach someone, you are providing better customer service and you will inevitably enjoy a higher level of success.

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