How to Use a Virtual Phone Number with Your Smartphone

These days, having separate phone numbers for personal and business use is a great idea. However, with the insurgence of smartphones and their incredible popularity, it’s likely that you have considered ditching your landline altogether – or perhaps you already have. You can still use a virtual phone number with your smartphone, though, and it’s probably easier than you’d think.

Getting Started

The first thing that you’ll need to do is set up your virtual phone number. Though it may sound complicated, it’s actually easier than you’d think. You can choose a traditional local number, a toll-free number with an 800, 888, 866, or even 877 prefix, or even a vanity number in either format that spells out a word or phrase. The options are endless and you can certainly use this to your advantage when it comes to marketing, especially if you can spell out a word that is imperative to your niche, industry, brand or idea.

Choose Your Method – Forwarding or Internet-Based Calling

The next thing that you’ll need to consider is whether you’ll have calls that go to that virtual phone number forwarded to your mobile device via the network or via an internet connection. The right choice for you will ultimately depend upon the number of calls you’re going to get and what your provider allows as far as the use of minutes and forwarding. For instance, while you might have unlimited minutes, you might be charged a per-minute rate by your carrier for each call that comes through. For many people, a combination of both network- and internet-based calls works best. They’ll use the network while out and about and their Wi-Fi connections while at home or at the office.

How it Works

From this point forward, whenever a client or lead calls the virtual phone number, it will be forwarded to your smartphone using one of the aforementioned methods. The caller doesn’t know that he or she is being forwarded to your mobile device at all, but you’ll know which ones are business calls and which are personal calls, thanks to integrated software. In fact, thanks to smartphone technology, it is possible to have two distinct ringers – one for personal and one for business use – so that you’ll know which type of call you’re receiving before you even answer it.

Personal Freedom

If you’re turned off by the idea of using your personal smartphone with a virtual phone number because you’re afraid you’ll be inundated with calls day and night, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways that you can maintain your freedom. The virtual phone system comes with all of the tools you’ll need. For instance, you can set up a time frame during which you’ll accept business calls and send those that come during off-hours to your business voicemail inbox. This means that you won’t have to turn your phone off at night just to get some sleep and worry that you’ll miss a call in an emergency situation. You’ll still get personal calls; the rest will be redirected.

Using a virtual phone number with your smartphone is not only easy, but it’s also a great way to ensure that you are always available to your clients – even when you’re on the go or out in the field.

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