Why a Toll Free Number with a Virtual Receptionist is Important to Your Business

The first part of being successful in any business endeavor is ensuring that you’re treating your customers with the right level of courtesy and respect. Having a toll free number is one thing, but adding a virtual receptionist can ensure that each and every call you receive is properly handled and that no customer is ever dissatisfied with the service you provide.

Scenario 1 – The Unanswered Call

Imagine that you’ve purchased a product, brought it home, unpackaged it and found that it isn’t working correctly or that you’re unsure about its operation. You pick up the phone and dial the toll free number you were provided only to listen to the phone ring and ring with no answer on the other end. This is incredibly frustrating and if it’s happening to your customers, then your client base is inevitably going to start shrinking. A virtual receptionist solves this problem by answering every single call in a pleasant tone, even if none of your staff is available at the time.

Scenario 2 – The Long, Miserable Hold

If you’ve ever called into a customer service center to get information, ask a question, or get a problem resolved, then you probably know just what it’s like to be placed on hold for what seems like ages. Not only is it frustrating to have to wait on the other end of the line, but the music is terrible, to boot. A toll free number with a virtual receptionist solves this issue by providing options to the caller as soon as the call comes in. You can even set up a series of FAQs that can be answered automatically – without a member of your staff having to intervene.

Scenario 3 – Improper Transfers and Disconnects

When it comes to a business telephone setup, there’s a huge margin for human error. It takes some skill to get used to handling a large call volume and transferring callers to the right departments. When you have a virtual receptionist, human error becomes a thing of the past. The caller will be given options at the start so that he or she can choose which department is best suited for his or her needs. They will always get to the right department and the automated system will never disconnect them. How’s that for ingenious?

Scenario 4 – Unreturned Calls

If you’re running a small business, chances are high that you won’t have someone available 24 hours a day to take calls. In this situation, you will likely tie your toll free number to a voicemail inbox that will capture these calls for later processing. Of course, while this seems like a great idea, it can become a headache for consumers who still need answers. The virtual receptionist will not only direct those callers to the correct email inbox in the first place, but it can also provide reminders for individual employees. This way, all calls are returned and all of your customers are happy.

As you can see, using a virtual receptionist with your toll free number can be a vital part of customer service. It is always there to ensure that callers are treated respectfully and that your call volume is handled appropriately.

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