Getting Back to Work After Vacation

All good things must come to an end and so must holidays. We understand that getting back to work after a long vacation is never easy, especially this year when Christmas and New Year’s Day were both on a Wednesday. Vacations do not give you much time to think about your office and work.  The first day you are back to work can be really difficult. No matter how much you love your work, you will obviously not be happy to find your inbox full of unread email and your entire day spent answering phone calls. Making up for the time you missed on vacation is an intricate act of balancing. You need to get back to work without stressing yourself or losing the benefits of the vacation.

Here are some tips for entrepreneurs to get back to work after vacation:

Be Organized

Whether you have been on a long holiday or have taken a few days off to lounge around at home, be early to work on the day you return. Starting early gives you more time to better manage your email, calls and other business appointments. Upload your vacation pictures on Facebook, pin your images and also complete writing reviews, if you want to, a day before you come back to work. This will help minimize distractions when you are back at work.

Be Practical

You were away for a few days, so do not expect to catch up with all your pending work in a single day. Keep your energy level high and try to prioritize your work. See which work is most important and needs your immediate attention. Finish those items first before you move on to the next ones. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or stressed, try to organize things and finish them gradually according to their importance.

Get a Full Update

While you were vacationing, somebody else may have been looking after your work. Once you are back, do not forget to thank him or her for their help. This will also make the transition back to work easier and will also strengthen your bond with your colleagues and employees. Make sure to get a full update of everything that happened while you were away.


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