Small Businesses Generate More Employment than Big Corporations in the US

Small businesses are said to be the backbone of the US economy. A small business is broadly defined as a company that has 500 or less employees. The business can cater to any industry – IT, healthcare, legal or any other. According to the United States Small Business Association Office of Advocacy, there are about 28 million small businesses in the US and 70% of them are operated and owned by a single person. Small businesses provide a continuous momentum to the US economy.

Business Owners Need to Network and Multitask

Owners of a small business often need to wear multiple hats. Though any business with 500 or less employees can technically be considered as a small business, there are companies that operate with 5 or 10 employees. The owner of a small business does not have the luxury of time. In this age of multi-tasking and networking they just cannot afford to concentrate on one job at a time. Moreover, they also cannot compromise their need of networking. To keep their business up and running they have to network.

A Virtual Phone is More Than a Mobile Communicative Device

A virtual phone with a toll free phone number is one of the must-haves for the success of a small business. A phone system of this kind with a toll free number caters to an entrepreneur’s need for both networking and multi-tasking.  It allows an entrepreneur to be in touch with customers and prospects all the time. In other words, a virtual phone system works as more than a mobile communicative device. It functions almost like a virtual office with capabilities including voicemail, faxing and others.

A Toll Free Number Helps in Building an Image

A toll free number can help a business in building a professional and credible image. It influences the branding of a business, the marketing activities and finally the sales. A vanity toll free number makes a telephone number easily memorable thereby enhancing chances of people remembering and dialing the number whenever they have a need.  A toll free number also offers free calling and can be used like a local number across the US and Canada. Using this number in conjunction with a virtual phone further strengthens the professional image of a business.

Virtual Phone and Toll Free Number Helps Small Business Grow

A virtual phone allows an entrepreneur to screen a call and answer it. If you think the call is not important you can simply forward the call to the voicemail box. Callers who are not able to reach you directly can also leave a message in the voicemail box.  A notification for every voice message is properly sent thereby minimizing the risk of unattended calls or messages. A virtual phone can also be used for faxing.

A virtual phone with a toll free number and a small business is an ideal pair. It’s a great tool that any small business should take advantage of.

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