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The Virtual Features of a Virtual PBX Service Help Your Business Grow

If you wish to make the communication system of your company as smart as that of any other big company, then you should try using virtual PBX service. It performs like any high priced telephone system – answering several calls and routing them simultaneously without sending out a busy tone ever, but never weighs too heavy for your pocket. This is an intelligent selection for your business that will help you in building effective communication, marketing campaigns, branding and can also help during your business expansion.  But before you make the switch over from traditional phone or phone system to virtual PBX, you need to know a few important features.

Virtual Office Receptionist

The virtual office receptionist (also known as auto attendant) is an important feature of a virtual PBX service that makes your business look professional and smart while boosting your business financially.  It answers and routes all the calls that you receive on your virtual phone system. The auto attendant quickly connects your prospects and customers to the right person or department thereby making call management more effective. It also reduces the chances of calls going unanswered.  The auto attendant completely eliminates your need to hire a human office assistant and works 24/7 answering and routing calls.

You can also customize the message of the auto attendant to suit the time of operation, season or festival. You can either record the message of an auto receptionist yourself or can hire a professional for the purpose. Nevertheless, it makes you sound professional and your business bigger. It also ensures effective call management so that you miss no important call.

Virtual Fax

Though internet and cell phone are important tools for communication today, fax continues to dominate the zones of business communication. This makes a fax machine essential in every company. But with virtual PBX service faxing is an easy affair. You do not need a fax machine for sending and receiving fax, neither do you need a dedicated telephone connection, paper, scanner etc. A virtual PBX allows you to send and receive fax via online interface. You just select the document that you wish to fax and enter your recipient’s number. Your fax is send within few minutes. It is also easy to send multi-page documents or to send the same document to multiple recipients.

A virtual PBX service is filled with features that make your business look professional, bigger and smarter and also help you provider better customer service. Using a virtual PBX your business can definitely enjoy an edge over your competitors. It also won’t be difficult to find a service provider who is ready to provide a free trial of this service.

1 800 Numbers to Boost Your Business Image

Way back in 1967 when 1 800 numbers were first introduced, they were considered nothing more than an act of novelty.  It was also a way businesses could help their customers reduce their spending on long distance call. But with time, toll free numbers (as they are popularly known) have changed their character. Now these numbers are used as a token of your professionalism and they also play an important part in boosting your professional image.

It does not matter if you are a new entrepreneur or planning to expand your existing business, 1 800 numbers can be an important tool to showcase your credibility, professionalism and also for your marketing and advertising needs.

Needs no Hardware or Software

Yes! You read it right. 1 800 numbers do not need any expensive hardware, software or installation. You do not even need a dedicated telephone connection for using this number. It can be used with any of your existing phones. You pay your service provider a minimal monthly fee and can use this number for the benefit of your business. Your service provider actually hosts the number, much like the hosting of your website.

Using it in Conjunction with a Virtual Phone

Using your toll free number with a virtual phone system can help your business in more than one way. You get an automated attendant to answer the call, use voicemail box and other advanced services like call forwarding. When a customer dials your 1 800 numbers, an auto attendant answers him/her 24/7. An auto attendant works like an automated operator answering and routing your customers. An auto attendant can forward your calls to more than one number of your choice thereby minimizing your chances of missed calls. But if you are not available to answer the call, it forwards it to your voicemail box.

For Marketing and Advertising Needs

1 800 numbers also work as an effective marketing and advertising tool. But a vanity number is especially successful for this purpose. It is quite unreasonable to expect that your customers will remember your 10 digit number that they saw on a billboard while passing on a highway. For them, it is nothing more than random 10 digits. Why not give them a clue to remember your number? It can be beneficial for both of you. You will have the chance of getting more business and your customers can contact you easily at the time of their need. A vanity number exactly does this. It is an alphanumeric toll free number that contains a word or a phrase related to your business. For example, 1 800 ADULT CARE, if you run an adult care center.

iTeleCenter App is Available on iPhones and Android Devices

Now iTeleCenter is available on your mobile! You can download the iTeleCenter app on your iPhone and also on your Android. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You need iOS 4.2 or later to use it on your iPhone and if you are using Android you should have Android 2.2 or later to download the iTeleCenter app on your mobile. Turn your mobile phone into your mobile office – you can take calls, read your voicemails and view faxes.  You can also make calls using your iTeleCenter number and keep your mobile number completely private.  All you need to have is an active iTeleCenter service plan in order to use the iTeleCenter app on your mobile.

You can use your iTeleCenter app on your mobile to

  • Make calls using your iTeleCenter number as caller ID – keeps your personal number private
  • Return calls just by tapping the call back button on a message
  • Keep your business messages and your faxes separate from your personal messages
  • Read your voicemail
  • Receive and view fax

Get the iTeleCenter virtual phone system that includes:

  • Local, Vanity, 1 800 or other Toll Free Numbers
  • Multiple Extensions
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Recording
  • Send/Receive Faxes Online
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Music on hold
  • Instant Message/Fax Notification
  • Read your Voicemail
  • Professionally Recorded Greetings (additional fee)
  • Dial by Name directory

iTeleCenter App for iPhones:

iTeleCenter App for Android Devices: