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How a Virtual Phone System Accelerates Your Lead Generation Process

Real estate professionals are probably the most competitive bunch. They compete over everything – properties, zip codes and also buyers. Either they succeed in making tons of money or they die a silent business death. Though it’s easy to start working as a realtor, often it’s difficult to succeed. This is true for every business. Developing products or services is just the easy part but selling it to real people is a whole other story.

Realtors usually follow a system that helps them generate more leads. Though this system has found its use in many other businesses, it is a particularly effective way of generating real estate leads. A virtual phone system plays a significant role in this lead generation technique. The system primarily relies on pre-recorded messages for generating leads. Real estate professionals frequently record information about their properties on sale and whenever a customer or a prospect dials his business number they can access this information for free. This acts as an effective marketing tool for his properties without spending any additional money.

How Recorded Message Capture Leads

With a virtual phone system you can use unlimited extensions. So you can assign dedicated extensions for different properties according to your convenience. Since a recorded message is a monologue, you have lot of flexibility in how you market yourself and define your value proposition. You should showcase yourself as a credible expert so that the prospect funnels down to take further action.

Since the prospect is listening to a recorded message on your virtual phone system, it is quite likely that he/she will feel safe because they are not getting the hard sell. Instead they are receiving some free information at their convenience. This psychology is important here. Usually the prospect is asked to leave his/her name and contact information at the end of the message so that you can call him back. When somebody leaves this information at the end of the message you can be sure that he/she is genuinely interested in the product/service. The next step is to turn him to a dedicated customer.

 How to Make Your Recorded Messages More Effective

Using a recorded message on your virtual phone system is just not enough. Whether you are selling real estate or other products or services, you should try to make your message as informative as possible. This will make your prospect move closer to buying. Put all relevant information about your product or service in your message. You can also provide a guide or tips for buying your product or service or some common pitfalls in the buying process. Prospects are more inclined to listen to this information. This should be their learning mode that will gradually lead them in buying the product. Also mention at the very outset that this is a recorded message. This can make your prospects more comfortable that no hard-nosed salesman will answer their call. It is also better to provide a toll-free number as your business number so that your customers can call you if there’s a need.

Toll Free Number for Your Virtual Company

Virtual companies and teams are fast becoming a popular business model because it helps you save thousands on your office space, electricity and other office necessities. Moreover, this business model is just perfect for the new breed of high quality home based independent contractors. Though these companies or teams are virtual they obviously need a real system for their business communication. A toll free number provides the ideal communication platform for your virtual companies or teams.

It’s Very Affordable

A toll free number with a virtual phone system provides your virtual company every advantage of a most advanced and sophisticated phone service with all business class features. A virtual phone is just perfect for virtual companies because you do not have to buy any equipment, land lines or mobile phones! Neither do you need any expensive software or an elaborate installation. It is very affordable.

Privacy of Your Own Number

Each of your team members can use a common business number with their cell phone or home phone while keeping their own number completely private. All the outbound calls will display your company’s toll free number. So choose your number from the list of toll free numbers and get started with your business today. These numbers are especially designed for businesses to meet a definite business purpose.


A toll free number shows your professionalism. Moreover, the outbound calls display your company’s caller ID which adds to that professionalism. A dedicated business number also enhances the credibility of your business. You could be the owner of a virtual company but toll free numbers virtually establish your presence and make you sound more real. It makes you accessible from anywhere, which in turn influences the credibility of your business.


With a toll free number, locations just do not matter. Your customer’s will not even know your actual location because the caller ID will always display your business number. Your customers can reach you anytime and anywhere – even on your cell phone.  If you are using this number with a virtual phone system, the phone system can forward calls to more than one number of your choice regardless of your location. You should probably use your cell phone number as your first choice since it is always with you.

Better Visibility

Research has shown that the only way to make your telephone number more than a string of random digits is to align it with your business. Instead of explaining your customers what you do its better you appeal them directly. Vanity toll free numbers contain a word or phrase related to your business. A good vanity number can have indelible effects on your customers. It shows your customers what you do and also how to reach you.

A Toll Free Number Service is the Best for Your Home Based Business

Every new business needs a dedicated phone number. Rather than installing a new land line or buying another mobile phone for your business, why not use a toll free number service with your existing home land line or your cell phone? Using a toll free number instead of another cell phone or land line is actually a double bonanza for your home based business. It, in fact, offers the ultimate phone solution for today’s home businesses.

It’s Affordable

It helps you save money since you do not have to invest anything for hardware -you can use it with any of your existing telephone connections. It gives you all the features and benefits that are really required to grow your business like call forwarding, voicemail box and receiving email alerts with links to your voicemail and more.  (Messages can even be read in email with message transcription.) You get all the features needed to build an effective communication system for your business and also to promote your business.

Advanced Call Features

A virtual phone with a toll free number service can handle multiple callers simultaneously and none of the callers will hear a busy tone. When a caller dials your toll free number his call is answered by an auto receptionist. The auto attendant works like an automated receptionist and makes your business look bigger. It routes your caller to the right person or department. It receives any call and forwards it to the right person. But in case the right person is not available to answer the call, the automated attendant then forwards the call to their voicemail box.

Setting up Dedicated Extensions

A virtual phone system with a toll free number service offers home based businesses a big business look. It provides a dedicated business number while protecting the privacy of your cell phone or residence phone.  Even if you are operating your home based business alone you can set up different extensions for “sales”, “customer care” and project a big business image. So you know which extension the caller has selected and project your business as a big business and not a home based business.

Marketing and Promotions

The success of a promotional or marketing campaign is crucial for any new business or a home based business. You know a marketing campaign is successful when you receive queries from your customers. A toll free number service is most pertinent in such cases. But using toll free numbers are not always enough. You must choose it with care. An alphanumeric number, also known as vanity number, has proven to be more successful than a numeric number when it comes to generating customer calls and responses.

A Virtual Phone for Online Sales Specialists

If you think that a virtual phone is not relevant for people engaged with online sales then think again! Countless surveys, statistics and studies have shown that people are more likely to buy from an online vendor who has a telephone number in its contact information. A telephone number provides credibility and confidence to your online buyers despite the kind of product or service you provide.

A telephone number and especially a toll free number can have immense influence on your business. But using a toll free number is just not enough.  Using it in conjunction with a virtual phone can actually help you build and nurture a relationship with your customers and you will agree that in business creating a relationship with your customers is half the battle.

Auto Attendant

When a customer calls your toll free number he is received by an auto attendant. The auto attendant works as an automated receptionist. It answers your calls and routes them to the right person or department 24×7 enhancing the credibility and professionalism of your business.


A virtual phone is not expensive. Rather it is priced right to make it affordable for businesses of all sizes. You need no equipment to buy, gadgets to plug in or software to download. Moreover, the service providers of a virtual telephone offer flexible service levels. There’s no contract to sign and you can cancel the service anytime you feel you no longer need it. Also, most of the plans include a considerable number of free minutes and you pay only for overage minutes. Yes, it’s that straight and inexpensive.


A virtual phone actually makes you look bigger and smarter. With this phone system you can assign extensions to phones located anywhere in the country. If you are not available to answer your customer, he/she can leave a voice message in your voicemail box. You can either listen to your voicemails or read it right from email. So you have the flexibility to manage all your business communications from one place.

Call Forwarding

Program your virtual phone system in such a way that it forwards all your calls to up to three numbers of your choice. The first number could be your mobile number; the second number could be your residence number and you can add another number, if you have one. You can also set days of the week and even hours when you are available on each number and can customize exactly where and how you want your customers to reach you.