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Give Your Business a Professional Makeover With Virtual Phone System And Toll Free Number

Believe it or not, a virtual phone system with a toll free number can do miracles to your business.  It gives your business a professional edge and makes you more appealing to your clients and customers.  Despite the size of your business they are real assets of any business. In other words, they offer the best of both worlds- privacy and modern technical amenities at one hand and new customers and more business on the other.  Use it, and you will know it yourself!

More calls- more business

A virtual phone system is nothing but a regular phone system with some amazing features. You do not need to install any software or buy expensive hardware. You do not even need a dedicated phone line to use this system. You can use it with any phone that you are using. Yes any phone-residential phone, cell phone or office phone.  You get a new phone system at no extra cost. What more? Get a toll-free number on your virtual phone system and just be ready to answer more queries from your customers. Why? Because of your toll free number!  It is a special kind of number where your customers do not pay for their call; instead you pay the bill for them. So, it is quite likely that customers will call even for their smallest query and will have a chance to convert your prospective customers into actual ones.

Be available- all the time

Business hours are no longer restricted between 9 am to 6 pm. In fact, in today’s global business scenario, you are expected to be available even beyond office hours. A receptionist answers your call in regular office hours but what about those calls you receive after or before your office hour? The auto attendant of your virtual phone system greets your customer 24 hours and routes him/her to respective department or person.  It also forwards your call and also has a voicemail where your caller can leave a message for you when you are not available to answer the call.

No more confusion

Privacy of your personal number is another important reason for your using a toll free number. Do not use your personal number for business purposes. It can confuse your customers. Publish your toll free number on all your business communication and expect more queries from your customers without any confusion!

Do I need a virtual phone system?

Still can’t decide whether your business needs a virtual phone system or not? Here are some parameters.  Does your business needs a high class phone system and yet you have strict lines of budget?  Do you need to route calls easily to specific departments so as to save your time and improve your efficiency and customer satisfaction? Do you need a receptionist to attend your calls all the time? If your answer to these questions is yes, then a virtual phone system is your answer.

Auto attendant 

A virtual phone system is the effective, affordable and professional way for all your business communication. It is simply a phone system but it does not need to be installed and requires no expensive phone equipments.  When a customer dials your business number or your toll free number, he/she is automatically greeted by an auto attendant.  The auto attendant then guides the caller to the respective department or the people he wants to speak to.


Using the virtual phone system, you can also assign extensions to any department or employee. Calls to these extensions can be forwarded to a phone located anywhere in the country.  If you are not available to answer your customer’s call, they can leave a voicemail and you can call them back.  Voicemail messages can be converted to read in email, so that it becomes even easier for you to manage all your communication from one place.  

Call forward

A virtual phone system actually makes your business look and sound bigger than what it is actually.  Call forwarding lets you send calls to your own private numbers or to colleagues within the office, in another city or even across the country.  This adds an extra edge to your business and especially to small business.   It allows your business to have offices located across geographies and yet be available to customers and clients through a single phone system.

Toll free number

You can also use a toll free number with your virtual phone system. You publish that number on all your business communication keeping your cell phone number or residential phone number private. This is particularly helpful if you have home based business or running a small business. You do not need a dedicated phone for using this phone system. It can be used with any phone.

Other advantages

Additionally, you also have other advantages on this phone system like, caller ID and online faxing. You get to know the details of a call or voicemail using the caller ID of this system, on the other hand you can bid adieu to your old fax machine and start using the online faxing feature of this phone system.  It will save your time, money and above all improve your efficiency.

New Year, New Toll Free Number

Well, believe it or not, the New Year is rapidly approaching and it’s time for company owners to assess their business accomplishments for the past year.  Did you achieve everything you set out to accomplish in 2012? Has your business growth been in line with your 2012 business plan? Hopefully, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Now it’s time to start planning for 2013. How will you continue your business growth? Do you need to leverage something new to get an added boost? One of your top concerns should be making sure your business name and phone number are memorable to your customers and that they have an easy way to contact your business.

Are you using toll free numbers so your customers can easily call you without incurring any charges?  If not, this is a no-brainer… you need to get one!  And if you already are using a toll free number is it easy to remember? Does it either spell a word related to your business or at least contain some repeated digits that are easy to recall?

The easiest way to get a memorable toll free number is by using our vanity number search.  Each letter corresponds to a number on the telephone keypad… 2=ABC, 3=DEF, 4=GHI, and so on…

Are you in the Carpet Cleaning business? Search for a word or phrase related to your field. Try CLEANRUGS, FRESHRUGS, or SPOTLESS – don’t worry if the term is longer than 7 digits. Extra digits can be advertised and are ignored when dialed. And don’t fret if a term you want is taken; you can use the term you want with extra digits in front.

Search for SPOTLESS and you might get a result like 855-2SPOTLESS which translates to 855-277-685377. The last two digits ‘77’ are considered overdial digits and will be ignored. However, there’s a good chance your customers will remember 855-2SPOTLESS.

In addition to saving your customers a toll charge, this type of toll free number is a great marketing ploy. It gets your brand, product, service or name out in front of your target audience. With a little imagination or creativity you should be able to come up with something that will stick. Customers will remember that catch-phrase or term the next time they need to reach out to you.

While this may be just the tip of the iceberg of your New Year strategic planning, it’s a quick and easy way to get started.

1 800 Numbers Give Your Customers Extra Holiday Savings

Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season! The hustle and bustle has begun. Shoppers are out and about looking for the perfect gifts for their friends and families. For many, this season – like the last few years – is about searching for the best deals around in an effort to save as much money as possible. Times are lean for a good percentage of holiday consumers.

Bargains can be found in many forms – from clipping coupons to favorite stores to getting a bonus $5 gift card when purchasing a $25 gift card to buy-one-get-one savings. Shoppers are not willing to pay full retail for anything anymore. They are looking for savings wherever they can find them.

Whether you realize it or not, just having a toll free number for your business is one of those savings. Allowing your customers to reach you toll free via 1 800 Numbers adds to their holiday savings. During this tough economic time, most consumers are looking for every break they can get. Being able to reach your business without incurring any additional charges is just the added break that they will appreciate.

1 800 Numbers instill confidence in consumers and give small and home-based business an added image boost but during the holiday season it is like you are also giving your customers a gift. That long distance phone charge is one less thing they need to worry about being added to their growing holiday spending.

A long distance charge may seem trivial to some, but there are many consumers who are truly struggling this holiday season. They may be trying to squeeze out enough money to purchase that new set of art supplies their child really wants or the new pair of sneakers that their child really needs. In this scenario, every penny counts, and knowing that there is no cost to them when they call your business using 1 800 numbers will go a long way in their eyes.

The benefits will last long beyond the holiday season. Consumers will still need to call your business and they will continue to appreciate the added bonus of not having to pay for their call.