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Your Auto Attendant Speaks to Your Callers through Your Standard Greeting

The first interaction your callers have with your auto attendant is through your standard greeting. You should make sure that the greeting sounds welcoming while at the same time is set up to guide your callers where they need to go.

Let’s say you have a business with a sales department and a service department. You probably have two extensions set up – one for each department. And let’s assume extension 1 is Sales and 2  is Service. Your greeting may welcome callers and instruct them to select 1 for Sales and 2 for Service.

But what about callers that just want to hear your business hours, or need to know your physical address so they can visit your place of business? Consider adding an extension for business hours and one for location(s) and even directions. Even better, you can include the option for someone to connect to you right from the standard greeting. Your greeting could sound something like this…

“Hello, and thank you for calling ABC company. Please select one of the following options. For Sales, press 1. For Service, press 2. Press 3 for our business hours. Press 4 for our location and directions. For any other requests, please press 0 to speak to us now.”

In this scenario, you would set up the main call forwarding number to the number (or numbers) you want callers to reach when they need to speak to someone when they press 0.  The Sales and Service department extensions would each be set up as PBX extensions with their respective call forwarding numbers.  The business hours and location extensions should be set up as greeting only extensions since callers will access them to hear information but not to leave a message or speak to someone.

The auto attendant is as useful and friendly as you make it by setting up extensions, greetings and call forwarding numbers to make the call flow as easy as possible for your callers.

Why a Virtual Phone System is Right for Your Business

For those who are pursuing business success, reducing cost is always a huge part of the equation. Regarding one of the best management rules, doing more with less, applies here. No matter what kind of business you have – be it a virtual company, home office, direct sales, internet marketing, real estate, or a big company, having a virtual phone system can help you solve your business communications needs.

Getting a virtual phone system will provide a solution and will increase your business flow. How does it work? It is easy. Just follow these three steps:

1. Choose a new telephone number – local or toll free.

2. Configure your greeting, on-hold music or message, and call forwarding          number – in just minutes.

3. Promote and use your new number.

Step 1 consists of selecting from your choice of local, toll free, or 800 numbers. How many times have you ever seen difficult phone numbers? In order to succeed in sales, start thinking like your customers. An easy phone number to remember will be the primary source of advertising. Just imagine – you could use 1 800 Your Company Name.

Step 2 is the process where you set up your main greeting with your custom message for callers. Instead of hiring a receptionist or assistant to answer and field your calls, you will reduce the cost significantly with a virtual phone system that will interact with callers. The automatic guide – known as an auto attendant – routes calls to a specific employee or department. The system allows anyone to work from anywhere. Callers are forwarded to the mobile or land-line number of the subscriber’s choice or can leave a message which is sent to the subscriber via email.

Step 3 is the final process. Publish the number and enjoy total call management. In order to get better results, it is highly recommended to use a massive promotional campaign for the phone number (social networks, websites, business card, T.V. and radio).

The virtual phone system will totally help you with your business communications process. It is the best chance to have success in a short term. There are countless additional features as well – like unblockable caller ID, online faxing, and professional voice talents to record your greetings.