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Toll Free Voicemail Brings Business Communications Into the Virtual Age

With all the latest technologies for communication, there is no reason for you to be tied to a desk or even an office anymore. As more companies understand the importance of work-life-balance we begin to craft our own working environments, and one way to do that effectively is with toll free voicemail.

While you can already check voicemail messages on your mobile, you probably can’t read an email transcript of them as you would a text message. Lets face it, listening to voicemail isn’t always convenient. Sometimes it is much easier to read a message  rather than having to listen. You can also sift through the text of a long-winded voicemail without having to listen for pertinent details that are usually, embedded like  murder-mystery code, at the very end of the message.

With toll free voicemail, not only can you read your messages from anywhere, but you can have multiple phone lines forwarded to this one system so that you truly have your own virtual office anywhere. You could be sitting in a noisy rock concert or the quietest library checking messages and reading them. You could be in an airport, on a plane, or a layover for international travel. Time zones disappear. Office space and overhead become non-issues. No need to listen to multiple voicemail messages on different lines when they can all be transcribed in one place, via toll free voicemail.

Additionally, you have the option to listen (or read) when you want to. You choose how to decipher the latest business numbers or schedule your daughter’s dance recital. You get to choose a more stream-lined communication flow so that your business runs more efficiently and doesn’t run you. Balancing the demands of business with the demands of life is an ongoing challenge for most people in the modern world, but your phone lines and communication don’t have to add to the chaos. Simplify your life and virtual business tools by advertising just one number that can then be forwarded to the land-line or mobile phone or your choice. As a subscriber to a toll free voicemail with transcription, you take can finally take charge of your life.

Think of Your Auto Attendant as Your Personal Assistant

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant who could answer the phone for you, take messages – and make sure you got those messages, tell callers your business hours, give directions to your business?… the list goes on. Not only is it difficult to find the right person to do that job, but it’s pricey! And, in today’s economy, who wants to spend extra money if they don’t need to?

iTeleCenter’s auto attendant does all that and more – just think of it as your personal assistant. Your auto attendant greets your callers, guides them to the proper extension, forwards calls to you, your employees, or departments, accepts faxes and alerts you of those,  records messages and emails or texts them to you, and never calls out sick!

You set up your recorded greetings – a main one to welcome and instruct callers, extension greetings to give information about specific products or services, maybe one that lists your hours and directions – and your personal assistant – I mean your auto attendant – will do the rest.

Did you know that your callers can dial 411 (if you instruct them in your main greeting they’ll know to do so) to enter a portion of the last name of the person they are trying to reach? Your personal assistant will match the first 2 or more characters to the last names on file and will route the call to the right PBX extension.

It’s that simple – no need to hire an assistant – you’ve already got one with iTeleCenter!