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If You Have Multiple People Taking Calls, Put Call Transfer To Work

Do you have multiple people in your company that answer calls when customers and prospects call? Do you ever pick up a call on your cell phone only to have to tell the caller that they really need to speak with Tom – or Bob – instead of you? The caller then has to hang up and dial a different number.

With call transfer, your callers do not have to go through that hassle. Simply ask them to hold while you transfer the call and send them to the right person or department. iTeleCenter offers this feature as either supervised or unsupervised transfer.

When using unsupervised – or blind – transfer, simply press # to place the caller on hold, select blind transfer and once you hear that the call has been transferred, hang up.

A supervised transfer works slightly differently. It gives the opportunity to briefly speak to the person you are transferring the call to while the original caller is on hold. This is a great option to use when you want to fill that person in on a previous conversation to avoid making the caller repeat themselves once connected.

These options work great if your company provides both sales and support, has staff members who specialize in certain areas of your business, or for any time you need to get the caller to another party quickly.