1 800 Numbers for Mobile Entrepreneurs

Many of us, especially those who do not need to travel a lot for business, are jealous of mobile entrepreneurs. We often see these mobile professionals as globe-trotters – always moving from one city to the other. But traveling for business might not always be pleasant. You need to have access to certain tools to make exchange of information easy. 1 800 numbers is one such tool. With business traveling becoming more common for small business owners and new entrepreneurs, the need for these numbers are felt more than ever before.

1 800 numbers keep entrepreneurs connected. Without this number, a business travel can be frustrating and difficult.  Thanks to technological advancements, help is available to make business travel better. A toll free number is indispensable for building a healthy communication system and is the life line for every small entrepreneur and business owner.

Contact Colleagues for Free

1 800 numbers  do not charge the caller. Rather the recipient is charged for every call he receives using his toll free number. This is actually a great help for mobile entrepreneurs. Whenever he is on a business travel and is out of office, he has the flexibility to contact his colleagues and employees for free. A toll free number can be used like a local number across US and Canada.

Connected to Customers Always

When used in conjunction with a virtual phone system, a toll free number can be the perfect tool that a small business and its owner can use for their best interest. Using it with a virtual phone allows them access to features including voicemail and virtual fax. While traveling, it might not be possible for you to answer calls all the time.  The voicemail box removes the risk of missing important customer calls and hence business. Callers can leave messages for you in your voicemail box if you are not able to answer their call. You can be notified of every voice message through email or text message to your cell phone.

Helps to Answer Important Calls

Using 1 800 numbers with a virtual telephone also helps an entrepreneur to use auto attendant. No matter if you are at the office or traveling, all your callers will be professionally greeted and will be directed to you. You also have the option of forwarding a call to more than one phone number. You can also screen a call and answer it if you think it’s important or can divert it to your voicemail box. Call screening is important especially when you are travelling or on a business tour and do not have the luxury to answer calls all the time. It helps you answer important calls without missing those that are not that important.

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