Get an Affordable Virtual PBX Service for Your Business

A Virtual PBX is a virtual phone system that works with your existing phones and phone lines and is accessible from anywhere. It is ‘virtual’ because there is no hardware or software to install and the calls are handled by the hosted service. The call forwarding feature forwards the call to the recipient’s cell phone or landline.

The Virtual PBX allows you to advertise one phone number – it can be a local or toll free number – and calls to that number are forwarded to any office, residential or cell phone number. You can also assign Virtual PBX extensions to each department or employee in your company. Each of these extensions will also forward calls to any office, residential or cell phone number.

Your calls are always answered by the system – there is never a busy signal! Calls are answered promptly and professionally. An Auto Attendant answers your calls, plays your greeting, and routes your callers to the proper department or employee.

Simply set up extensions for your employees/departments and record a greeting that instructs your callers to “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service…” or whatever options fit your business. Extensions can also be set up with recorded information with business hours, directions, and even product or service information.

In the event that a forwarded call cannot be answered, the caller is prompted to leave a message. The person the caller intended to reach can be notified via phone, email and/or text message that they have a new message.

You can customize your greetings to match when your business is open or closed. After hours your callers will be prompted to leave a voicemail message.

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