Vanity Telephone Numbers

Vanity telephone numbers are a great way to set your business apart from the competition. More and more small businesses are launching each day, creating a very competitive market within most industries. Yet most companies, even those that are firmly established, are operating on a shoestring budget, especially when it comes to advertising and communications.Vanity numbers are a cost-effective solution to satisfy both demands.

Vanity Numbers as a Marketing Tool

Whether your phone number is on a billboard, a direct mail flyer, or on the sides of your company fleet, it plays an important role in your advertising. Vanity telephone numbers have an even bigger impact because of their memorable characteristics. Some vanity numbers use the corresponding letters to create words relating to the business, such as 877-NO-TRASH for a trash removal service, while others consist of number patterns that are hard to forget.

Vanity Numbers as a Communications Tool

Personalized telephone numbers come in many different forms. At iTeleCenter, you can set up new toll free vanity numbers or you can transfer your existing telephone number to an iTeleCenter system. Your virtual communication center includes all of the features found in a large office without the extra costs and equipment. Send and receive faxes, set up a dial-by-name directory along with custom extensions, and much more.

Who Uses Vanity Telephone Numbers?

Businesses across the nation use vanity numbers to make client communication easier and to make their marketing efforts more effective. A toll free vanity number can benefit almost any business model, whether your company operates locally or on a global platform. Vanity numbers are a great way to give small businesses an edge over their bigger competitors and are an excellent advertising tool for internet marketers.

The Benefits of iTeleCenter Vanity Numbers

iTeleCenter is much more than a toll free number service provider. A diverse selection of toll free and local phone numbers are available, including vanity telephone numbers with several popular prefixes. You can choose a plan that best suits the needs of your business and your budget, each boasting a full line of features. iTeleCenter customers have access to an assortment of convenience features, such as voicemail to email and fax to PDF services, to streamline your daily operations.

Whether you’re looking for a complete communication solution for your direct sales team or wanting to boost the image of your home based business, iTeleCenter has the services your business needs to succeed, as well as the vanity telephone numbers that will get you there faster.

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