Small Business Phone System

Finding a reliable small business phone system isn’t always easy. You need a service that can keep up with the communication demands of your business without costing an arm and a leg. iTeleCenter is a cost-effective communications solution that offers the flexibility and functionality that will help your small business succeed.

Receive Your Calls Anywhere

A virtual phone system like iTeleCenter is perfect for small businesses. Whether you’re at the office, out on the field, or working from the comfort of home, you can receive calls on your personal phone line without giving out your private number. Choose a toll free number or a local number, and the small business phone service will route the calls directly to your landline or mobile phone. Advanced voicemail features like voicemail to email and new message alerts ensure that you’re always in touch with your customers’ needs.

Establish a Professional Appearance

Small business phone systems provide an instant boost to your company’s professional image. The service allows business owners to create their own personalized greeting center with automated directories so that customers can easily get the information they need. A professionally recorded greeting, options for on-hold music or messages, and designated extensions for informational recordings, such as business hours, will help your small business have a large business feel, even if you’re the only employee.

Create a Communication Solution That Grows With Your Business

A small business phone system can accommodate a variety of business models with plenty of room for growth. Your iTeleCenter includes extensions so your calls are sure to reach the right person, whether he or she is in the office down the hall or working from their own home 700 miles away. Callers can use the dial-by-name directory to reach the team member they need, or select from the customized menu options. Message taking extensions are also easy to set up when you need to streamline your operational procedures.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Robust Phone Service without the Cost

iTeleCenter is the most cost-effective choice for a small business phone system that can satisfy all of your communication demands. There’s no need to invest in expensive equipment or to have additional phone lines installed. For a low monthly fee, your business can have a dedicated telephone number that will take care of your company’s phone, voicemail and fax requirements. All of the small business phone services you need are included in a virtual communication center that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Whether your company is a home based proprietorship or a soon to be medium-sized office, a small business phone system like iTeleCenter will boost your business productivity as well as your profit. iTeleCenter puts you in control of your company with convenient features such as do not disturb and after hours modes, detailed call reports and customizable options. Your business may not ever rest, and with a small business phone system like iTeleCenter, it doesn’t have to. Communication needs are taken care of even when you’re not available.

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