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  2. Get the Edge by Appearing Local

    With a local phone number, you are telling potential customers that you are their neighbor, that you understand the challenges they face. This goodwill offers a great deal of confidence in your company from local customers. Having an 800 number is fine, too, but when you have a local number, Phoenix's 1.4 million residents will tend to seek your business services out first and foremost.
  3. Establish Credibility from the Beginning

    Customer service is about building positive relationships. When you have a Phoenix phone number, it immediately helps to establish that important relationship with your prospects. With an iTeleCenter virtual phone system, you will share in their civic pride and offer them a sense of confidence that helps to establish powerful businesses the world over.
  4. Take Your Business on the Road

    Thanks to iTeleCenter's innovative virtual phone system, you can conduct business from anywhere in the world, all through your own personal phone number, such as a cell phone. When your clients or prospects contact you, they will do so through your Phoenix phone number.
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    There's no need for a long-term contract with iTeleCenter's Phoenix phone numbers. Try this for 14 days free and see how powerful establishing a local phone number in the Phoenix area can be for your business. There are also no lines to run and no equipment to buy; it's a win-win situation! Start now and have your new Phoenix phone number published today!
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    Do you want call forwarding? Need a few extensions for your employees? How about being notified instantly of incoming messages? Or offering informational recordings? You can manage all of that quickly and easily with your online account through iTeleCenter. If you ever need assistance, iTeleCenter's top grade customer support team is there for you.
  7. Take Work with You on the Go

    Run apps on your smart phone while taking calls through your Phoenix phone numbers. Your prospects and customers will only see your Phoenix phone numbers and never your personal cell phone, unless you want them to. The power of iTeleCenter's virtual phone system is second to none!