Business VoIP phone system for small businesses

Make calls and manage your phone system from anywhere. Wave goodbye to landlines and say hello to productivity.

📍 Work from anywhere

Stay connected all the time

With a VoIP business phone, you can make calls from your smartphone, computer, or tablet —while displaying your business number and hiding your personal number.

Scale up or down

With a VoIP business phone service, scaling up or down is super easy – add or remove users or extensions right from your smartphone.

Complete mobility

Use your business VoIP phone to call, text, transfer calls, host meetings and more from any device. Stay connected and collaborate wherever you are.

Easy setup and usage

Get your whole team up and running in less than a day. You have complete control of your online account. Customize your phone system as per your need.

Cut down on your bills

Unlike traditional phone systems, a VoIP phone system relies on your internet connection. Slash your phone bill by ~60%.

💨 Easy as 1,2,3 ...

Pick your number
Choose from local, toll-free and vanity numbers or transfer yours over.
Select a plan
3 plans – choose one that works for you. Cancel anytime.
Download our apps
Download our iOS and Android app or access iTeleCenter through your browser. 
Good to go
We’ll help you configure your settings and set up your VoIP phone system right away.

🔮 Features that fit right in

Call forwarding
Business texting
Phone extensions
Business voicemail
Virtual receptionist
Call recording
Voicemail transcription
iOS and Android app
Business hours
Call transfer
Call blocking
Automatic call distribution
Call reporting
Custom greetings
Conference calling

🙋 Frequently asked questions

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) refers to the technology that allows businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet instead of a local telephone company. A VoIP phone system is hosted in the cloud and requires no hardware.

Users can call, fax, live chat, text, and host conference calls with a business VoIP phone. Work from your own devices, no matter where you are, increasing productivity on the go.

Traditional phone systems require a lot of upfront investment, physical space and time to set up. On the other hand, the business VoIP phone system makes use of the cloud so you can manage your business communications using your existing cell phone.

VoIP phones, also known as Internet phones or IP phones, turn your voice into data and is transmitted over the internet. VoIP calls can be made on your smartphone or computer using our app.

It varies as per the plan you opt for. We’ve got plans for every size of business. View our pricing and plans.

You can use iTeleCenter on any device you want — any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Being the best business VoIP phone system provider means providing the best communications experience possible. It’s all about efficiently streamlining and automating the customer journey.

As an industry leader in unified communications, iTeleCenter provides seamless cloud communications to its users. With a business VoIP phone from iTeleCenter, users can call, fax, text and host conference calls from one unified platform.

No, all you need to use a VoIP phone is a smartphone or computer and an internet connection.

Yes, you can set up your business VoIP phone system to greet and transfer calls to any combination of phones — smartphones, home phones, office phones, etc.

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