Why a Virtual Phone Service is the Right Answer to the Needs of CIOs

As more companies move to support their growing number of mobile workers, many are looking for ways that can help save money and also deliver advanced communication solutions. A virtual phone service can go a long way in achieving this goal.

A virtual phone has all the features and benefits of a PBX system sans its physical existence and cost. It exists virtually and works with any phone connection – cell phone, home phone or office phone. A virtual phone provides businesses with such advanced features as call forwarding, voicemail, auto attendant, do not disturb and virtual fax. It, in fact, allows businesses to enjoy all these services and more using a single phone system.

The Need for a Virtual Phone

CIOs often find it difficult to reconcile the need of employees going mobile with maintaining the standards of their corporate identity. Moreover, he also has to check the security standards and make sure that all his employees are sticking to it. This is not an easy task. In other words, they have to create a mobile office that meets all of the business needs. There should be a receptionist who will greet callers and forward calls without taking much time. If the right person is not available to answer the call, the receptionist should be able to forward it to the voicemail box. All of these functions need to be done following the strict business and security standards. On top of this, CIOs should also have a provision to allow their employees faxing capability. This is quite a challenge.

Maintaining Business Standards

A virtual phone service is the right answer to the needs of CIOs. Now employees can go mobile and yet the CIO can be absolutely assured that they are not compromising any business standards. A virtual phone has an automated receptionist who answers and forwards calls 24/7. You need to script the message of the auto attendant and make sure that it follows the norms. You can record the message yourself or can use the same voice-over professional to maintain a corporate standard. It does not matter whether employees are answering customers on their office phone or on their cell phone; customers will always feel the same professional and business approach.

No Missed Calls

A missed call is dangerous for a business. A virtual phone service allows you to forward calls when you are not available to answer them. Callers can leave a message in the voicemail box and can expect to hear back. This drastically reduces the chances of lost business opportunities. Alternately, the phone can also be set to Do Not forwarding Disturb mode until you are available.

Mobile Faxing (Purchase of dedicated fax-only number required)

Though there has emerged other forms of business communication, fax still continues to be one of the primary modes of business communications. A virtual phone service allows businesses to send and receive fax without a fax machine. A tablet or smart phone can work as a faxing device and faxes can be successfully sent and received. This is known as virtual fax or online fax. It is cost effective, efficient and faster than normal faxing.And remember all these can be done using any cell phone or smart phone. Employees do not need to remain tied with their desks waiting for a call or a fax. They have the flexibility to answer calls while they are driving back home or while spending time with their families.

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