Virtual PBX - Overview

A traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a privately owned telephone switching system. It acts as the exchange point, routing calls within an office. It requires phone lines and hardware which is often so large that it may require its own room. Its primary purpose is to direct inbound telephone calls to the appropriate company phone on the network. It also helps other business phones to stay connected and share the phone lines in between extensions.

Rise of new PBX

Small companies often find it difficult to afford a PBX of their own. Setting up and maintaining a PBX system involves quite a handsome amount of cash that can be difficult for small organizations to afford. This has given rise to virtual PBX systems. It provides all the features of a traditional PBX system but with a special attribute – it is hosted by a service provider company. In this new set up, the service provider offers PBX attributes as the service and hosts the necessary equipment.

Features of new PBX

So ultimately it boils down to whether you want to buy and maintain special telephone switching hardware, software and phone lines or use a service provider. The primary advantage of the new PBX system over a traditional one is its cost. With this new arrangement even small corporations have a chance to enjoy the capabilities of a PBX without ever stressing for the high expenditure of purchasing the required equipment. Nonetheless, a modern virtual phone system has certain special features that are not found in a traditional PBX system. But it is these features that make a virtual phone indispensable for businesses today.

It’s cheap

It is quite easy to ascertain that this new PBX is quite affordable in comparison with the traditional PBX. Unlike the conventional PBX, it does not need any hardware, software or installation. Moreover, most of the plans of the new PBX system include free minutes. You pay only for the overage minutes. So it does not matter whether yours is a small business or a big one, if you intend to save money, virtual PBX is the most perfect alternative.

A few advanced features

The new PBX system has some incredible features like auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail box and online fax. The auto attendant is the automated receptionist of a virtual phone that answers and routes your callers 24 hours a day. It practically eliminates the need for hiring a receptionist that results in significant savings for businesses of all sizes. Call forwarding helps you to forward your calls to up to three phone numbers of your choice. You can set days of the week and even hours that you are available on each number and customize exactly where and how you want your customers to reach you.
If you are unable to answer your calls or do not want to answer a particular call, you can divert it to your voicemail box. Voicemails can also be read in emails. So you can manage all your communications from one place. Online fax helps you to send and receive fax anywhere and anytime without a fax machine. It makes sending fax an easy and simple affair.

Toll free number

You can also use a toll free number with this PBX system. A toll free number has special significance as it increases the credibility and professionalism of your business almost instantly. Get your business this new PBX system and change the way you have been doing business for all these years.

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